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Concept of Abiogenesis and Biogenesis for Origin of Life on Planet Earth | 9th – Class Biology Notes

Scientific Views About Origin of Life
How did life originate on this earth? This may never be know for certain to science because neither it is possible today to make observation of primitive events when the life actually originated nor there is any fossil record of first formed soft bodied organisms. However, in 1950 some scientists created the primitive earth condition (approximately 4 billion years ago) in the laboratory and performed experiments. On the basis of results obtained from these experiments, scientists formulated some ideas. These ideas seem to be close to reality.

A biogenesis and Biogenesis
In ancient times, there were two views about the origin of life:
1. According to one view, offspring are produced from their parents by process of reproduction, this is called concept of Biogenesis.
2. According to other view, living things are produced spontaneously from non-living things. This is called concept of A biogenesis.
Because at that time, there was neither so much advancement in science nor scientific tools like microscope and other instruments were invented, which could help in detailed observations about reality. According to some people, insects are produced from dewdrops, rats from debris, frogs from mud, and maggots from putrefied meat. Some scientists like Copernicus, Bacon, Galileo, Harvey, and Descartes also believed this concept.
From 16th to 18th century many scientists performed experiments to test this concept. They found some animals to be developed from non living matter. Therefore this concept seemed to be correct.
Later on, scientists performed experiments with more care. First of all an Italian scientists, Francesco Redi, (1668) proved that this concept was wrong.

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